A little note to my Fit For Fab readers

Ever since i opened my blog i was full of excitement that i will be able to share my world to you with all my fashion inspirations, outfits, and styles. Every time i post something new i feel much more happy of myself. Its just a way for me to express what i feel inside through my only passion: fashion.
In this post i only wanted to make an introduction of myself so that you could know me better. First of all i am still a student that has long adored fashion(since i was seven!!). So i started sketching my own designs that developed from horrors to something i call more descent drawing 🙂 . I view myself as a fashion blogger that is very different than any ordinary and typical fashion blogger.
I am so happy that so many of you like visiting my blog and this makes me even more happy. I am mainly focusing on my studies these days as high grades are my first goal. So it is hard for me to style an outfit and post it on my blog, you need to be a little patient on me. In two weeks i will be preparing for my exams and will be absent, but i promise you that i will return shortly and provide with even more styles. And as soon as summer comes i will be providing you with daily styles.

As the years pass by it will become even more hard for any fashion blogger to become successful because of all the upcoming fashion blogs that are arousing in such a high frequency. The most popular blogs today got lucky since they were mainly among the really few fashion bloggers in the whole world. Today with the millions of fashion blogs published day by day it is really hard for the people who have that significant fashion taste that would most likely make them internationally known, it is hard for them to be discovered.

I would like to thank you all for the great experience i am living with you through this blog.
Xoxo PH. 🙂 😀