Top Beauty Must Haves For Summer

During summer, i find it really hard to apply makeup. First of all, its hot outside and I don’t want to feel like my face is melting or my makeup getting all cakey and disgusting. That being said, it is quite hard to find the perfect products for summer. Besides, you should always have a makeup set for winter and another for summer. Why? The answer is very simple. During winter, your skin tone is lighter and it gets darker during summer, because duh more sun….and you tan, yeah that’s another reason. Even during winter you can actually bear with more heavy weight foundation; however, during summer time, you will be looking for a more lightweight foundation. This will be a review of the products I find are the best fit for summer. So let’s get started!
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My ultimate favorite product right now is the Giorgio Armani fluid sheer and it has been voted as best beauty buy in 2013 by In Style. I have this fluid sheer in shade number 2. This product is very liquid. it is not cream based. It is more similar to liquid foundations that are made by the brand. Now, this product is usually used to blend with your foundation or day cream for that extra glow. I personally do not mix it with anything and use it as a highlighter and use it in the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, and brow bone. The luminosity it gives is just amazing and it lasts for a long time.


Another product that i have been loving lately is the Diorskin Airflash spray foundation that gives you that perfect airbrushed look. When this product came out, I tried it at Sephora and fell in love. It makes your skin look perfect. It made me look like I have a porcelain skin. But if you do buy this product, i advise you to apply it with a kabuki brush instead of spraying it on your face. Applying it with a brush will minimize the amount of product being used and will allow you to control where the product actually ends up.


Still with Dior products here! I am a little bit obsessed. Just a teeny bit! Another foundation by dior that I just have been crazy about is the the Diorskin Nude Air Serum. It is just amazing! I am practically speechless. I don’t now what to say honestly. Perfect coverage is a win for this serum and it is sooo lightweight! You don’t even feel it on your skin which makes it perfect for summer. In addition to what all has been mentioned, it is also long-wear and has a velvety finish to it.


As we stay with the topic of foundation and face, i will now shift to contouring and blush. For summer i usually stick to cream contours for one basic reason: how long the makeup on my face will last. Cream contours last longer than powder ones and to make it even last longer, you will just have to set it with either contouring powder or bronzer which is basically what i do.

What i have been doing lately is contouring with a darker foundation. A few days ago (well it was two days ago..I confess) i popped by Nordstrom and went to their makeup section to pick up a dark foundation. I ended up on settling on Mac’s Pro Longwear Foundation in the shade NW43. I do not have a very dark skin. It is quite fair.This shade might seem very dark, but when you are contouring, you balance it out with the highlighter. Anther thing with using this for contouring is that you do not put a lot of the product on your face and blend it in the place where it is supposed to be. Blending it the wrong way will only make your face look like it is dirty. Contouring does need a lot of practice to become a pro at, but as they say: “Practice makes perfect”!


No makeup look is complete without blushing those cheeks! Now this might probably sound crazy or weird, but what I have been loving lately is the Nars Illuminators and I’m kind of Uhbsessed! I’ve been using them as blushes ( yeah I know I’m crazy) but they are so perfect and have this amazing shine to them. I have this nars illuminator in three shades ( yes, this is crazy i know, but too beautiful to resist). my favorite one would be the super orgasm which has an orangey pink tone to it. th other ones I have are orgasm which is more brownish and Copacabana that I use as a highlighter on my cheekbones.

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To me these are the top face products to be using this summer. And don’t you think we are done! Did you almost forget about mascara and lips??

Two of my favorite mascaras at the moment have to be Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. The Benefit roller lash basically annuls the use of an eyelash curler. It’s brush is perfectly designed to lift and curl the lashes giving a wide-eyed look. The Too Faced mascara gives the lashes some extra volume as well as perfectly curl them. It does make the lashes look fuller and longer since the brush is designed to resemble an hourglass and  has bristles that allow to maximize the performance of he collagen free formula. In short, these are the best mascaras the business has to offer.

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Another product that i have been loving by Too Faced is their Melted Liquified Long-wear Lipstick. I am telling you: when you get the chance to try this product, you will believe in something called love at first sight. As the name says, it does look like a melted stick of lipstick. the texture is just amazing and it comes in 19 different shades.The shade meted candy is shown in the picture below. Now the brand has also released Melted Metallic Lipstick  that comes in 7 different shades.


The last product of this post will have to be the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. My ultimate favorate is Cruella which is a scarlet red shade. These lip pencils are amazing because they actually last for a long time unlike the satin ones that i find don’t last as long. The matte lip pencils have a beautiful creamy texture that dries on the lips in no time but keeps them hydrated and not dry at all. It actually almost acts like a lip stain, sticks to the lips, and does not smudge at all.

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This is it for my beauty must haves for this summer. Hope this review was helpful and let me know if you would like me to review specific products in the future! Until my next post, stay true to who you are xoxo.