All Black Everything


Back to blogging! And I must say it feels GOOD!! I actually missed my blog, but i had to take a break and figure out what I want to do and if you guessed it its BLOGING! I know I know i might not seem professional like all famous fashion bloggers today, but with practice maybe i’ll come to be perfect at it? What do you think? I’m having a great time during march break and waiting for the snow to melt! The snow is gradually melting these days and the streets are drowned with water making it even harder to take pictures outside. So i had to accomodate with a simple plain white wall :/ what can i say: pleaseee come back spring!! As easy this might sound the temperature will drop again once more this week embracing us with icy cold hugs. Enough about the weather now and I bring to you the outfit I styled today featuring a skirt because I am so bored of winter already. I love this skirt as it has something really special, a shape we are not quite familiar with a lot. I paired it with a really laid back jumper. The kind you would wear with sweatpants, but not to that extent! It has a leopard print that gives it a touch of sophistication. And to raise the level of sophistication up a little teeny weeny notch i HAD to add heels and not any heels! Spiked heels! What do you think guys? Well, have a great march break everyone! I’m spending mine splurging on some unique pieces for future posts!

Top: joe Fresh ( similar here, and i like this one )
Skirt: h&m ( love this one, and this one )
Heels: g21 (these would go perfectly as well as those )