Blue Jeans White Shirt

Blue Jeans White Shirt


Hey everyone! its been a month from my last post and I missed my blog so much! in this post i wanted to go back to basics with no other than a white shirt and basic blue jeans. I was inspired by the photo shoots clothing stores do for their lookbooks  when i arranged for this post. I hung the blazer behind me and opened my satchel revealing all my essentials that included some mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip balm,sunglasses, and last but not least the most fragrant perfume out there: Dior Dune. this perfume has a really warm scent that is suitable for a very important occasion or during the winter time. Not to forget! The title of the post reminds me of Lana Del Rey’s song: Blue Jeans one of all time favorites. i just joined the what i wear community and you can enter my profile to view my outfits!

hope you liked this look! xoxox