Elie Saab SS haute couture 2013

The twenty fourth of january Elie Saab launched his very new spring/summer haute couture collection at Paris Fashion Week. This year’s collection was nothing of the normal: a totally new style and prints that make the collection exquisit.

The collection started with the perfect white color that valorizes the embroidery and cutout designs. The fashion show first started with some white gowns with embroidery and then some rather utterly shear dresses, and finally with conservative fabric.

Then the show continued with a baby blue color that gives the gowns a peaceful and classy sensation. I really love how Elie Saab was able to create that mix between the lacy detail and silk fabric. It’s a unique and amazing mix that he was able to achieve in this collection.

It was time for the creamy white to make its appearance as well as the legendary cape that made me remember one of Gwenith Paltro’s looks and the royal apparel at royal ceremonies and weddings. And once again the details didn’t fail to mesmerize me. The delicate detail in those gowns are just exquisite and joyful to the eye to see.

Eight lavender dresses came to kidnap me to a magical land called PARADISE! The floral detail is also adopted with this color as well as the shear, lace, and silk details. Till now it is obvious that Elie Saab’s style has changed but he will never give up on the skinny belts! But this change is for the best!

A pale gold color also appeared in this collection and I have nothing to say other than amazing!

Then came the color that sets the world on fire! RED is what I’m talking about! The cape reappeared in this set of color as well and it was amazing!

Prints!! Here are Elie Saab’s new babies! As long as I remember Elie Saab has never used such kind of prints on his dresses. I only saw like them in his last season’s collection, but these prints are just…. I’m really speechless.

Finally came the color that never fades away:black. Black velvet was in this collection. I saw a lot of black gown with gold embellishments on a lot of runways, but on Elie Saab’s runway it seems completely the opposite which is just a great twist. There is a touch of gold but I can’t seem to point it out or it’s just my illusion.

And here comes the bride! Wow this is just the most elegant wedding dress I have ever seen! I wish I were getting married to wear that kind of dress! I’m just dripping from envy from the model that got to wear it!

Bottom line this collection was full of surprises that made me even more obsessed with Elie Saab. But what astonished me is the absence of those popping summery colors that always decorated Elie Saab’s spring/ summer dresses. This is a sign that this collection is like no other and Elie Saab is definately showing a more serious side through his elgant dresses.


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