Perfect Lips. Anytime!


Out of lipstick? No worries! Lip balms are a perfect lipstick when rushing somewhere. They even come in different shades and shimmer. I use labello most of the time and specifically the shiny ones. But what would you do if you don’t have lip balm on hand?? Well make some homemade lipstick! Yes, you read  right! You only need two ingredients to achieve a perfect diy lipstick. Just mix a spoon of vaseline and some eyeshadow (shades of pink or red). So today you learned two life saving tips that will make you look effortless!!


Floral Love


Last week I was invited to my best friend’s birthday, so I decided to wear a cute classy outfit. I wanted to turn the casual girly floral skirt into a classy piece of clothing. I paired the skirt with a basic dark grey long sleeve cotton shirt, a black blazer, and some black flats and tights. I love this outfit because it describes my own style and personality.


Striped Till Monday


Today I wanted to benefit from the great warm weather outside, so I wore a cute striped t-shirt with some trousers, wedges with some overly cute bows, and a beige satchel. I find this look perfect for warm cool days and ideal for a little run in the town. After I took the pictures I realized that I have forgotten to wear my navy bead necklace. To complete the look, I opted for red lips and a shiny brown eyeliner.






Everyday Outings


Today’s look is quite simple and comfy for everyday outings. Its perfect for those days when you don’t know what to wear or what to match. Just throw a pair of black jeans, a dark grey sweater, some leopard loafers, a beige tote, and most important a huge scarf! Great for a day out for lunch! Don’t you think?

Huntin For Green


Today’s out is simple as always. It also features a trendy color: hunter green. It’s the perfect outfit for work or meetings; however, if you live in lebanon this outfit is suitable for any outing since all lebanese are known for their classy style! So back to the outfit. A hunter green trouser and top are paired with a beige blazer, a brown leather oversized handbag, and black pointed heels. This shade of green is ideal for winter since it’s dark and warm. The beige in the blazer minimalizes the dark colors in the outfit since both the trousers and the top are dark as well as the handbag and heels.